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Nikon's top-of-the-line advanced research upright microscope with flexible modular design and fully motorized capabilities.

System Flexibility

Nikon 's proprietary "stratum structure" design enables efficient system construction

User-centered Design

Provide manual and motorized models

The Ni-E model comes with choice of focusing stage or focusing nose piece (with optional fixed stage for in-vivo applications)

3D Ergo design combines functionality with sophistication


Powerful Imaging Capabilities 

Images can be captured with a button on the microscope, the camera control unit, or the software on a PC

Supreme Optical Performance

Built-in "fly-eye" lens ideally delivers the most uniform diascopic illumination at all magnifications

Nano Crystal Coat for Nikon camera lenses

Nikon's proprietary fluorescence noise elimination mechanism

Stratum Structure for Application Building

Nikon's proprietary stratum structure enables simultaneous mounting of two optical paths on one microscope to support various applications. This structure allows double layer mounting of an epi-fluorescence illuminator, a photoactivation unit and a back port unit, developed for the first time for upright microscopes to enable simultaneous photoactivation and imaging, and simultaneous multichannel imaging.


Additional output ports

Confocal and in vivo